Coachella’s techno world is mindblowing

As Coachella rapidly grows each year, a more diverse and eccentric lineup of musicians evolve.


But while there is plenty to look forward to when it comes to music, the new technologies enhancing the entire festival experience remains a hidden gem.

From smartphone apps, helping festival-goers plan their time at the annual event, to holograms and virtual reality headsets, the techno features add another layer of excitement.


It would be hard to forget the 2012 Coachella performance that saw Tupac resurrected from the dead. The late rapper returned to life as a hologram on stage with Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre with the help of 3-D technology, estimated to have cost nearly $400,000. According to HipHop Dx, G-Eazy announced plans to resurrect the late Mac Dre during his Friday set at this year’s festival.


Move over paper maps, there is a new and much more convenient method to navigating through the festival madness. The Coachella app automatically creates a schedule for festive-goers based on a list of their must-see musicians, ensuring no chance of missing out on their favourite performances.


Festival-goers can leave their wallets at home with this year’s vendors using a mobile payment device. Square, allows consumers to pay with their phone using Apply Pay or Android Pay, helping attendees avoid lengthy ATM lines. With just a simple tap of your phone or Apple watch, consumers can pay for everything from hot chips to beer and festival merchandise.


Swedish fashion house H & M created a festival playground last year, complete with mirrors, professional lighting and visual effects for the perfect selfie. The playground also featured an aura reader supposedly a system that “offers insight into how a user’s inner person connects to the outside world via shareable photos”. The selfie station has left attendees wondering what will be in store this year?


Smartphones will be paired with a cardboard headset which will not only enhance performances but also provide a 360-degree panorama and a virtual tour of Coachella’s grounds. According to the company’s website, festival attendees will be able to create and share their own virtual experience.


Coachella is full of bizarre art-and-tech installations, from blossoming crane flowers to soaring caterpillars and butterflies. The buzzing artworks are brought to life at night, illuminating the festival grounds.


Interactive earbuds are the latest techno-craze to be announced by Coachella, allowing concert-goers to literally control the surrounding sound. The wireless earbuds sync with smartphones in order to manipulate and adjust what is being heard. Think there is a little too much bass going on? Simply adjust it by modifying the levels of sound on your phone.


With the sudden attraction of 360 technology, Coachella will undoubtedly be shot through the revolutionary video cameras, showcasing the event for those at home. Last year, DJ George FM’s 360 degree clip taken from the perspective of a concert-goer went viral with more than 19,000 comments and almost 51,000 shares.

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